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    Harrison Greenbaum, Meghan Hanley, Adam Strauss, Vincent James & more

    PLEASE NOTE THAT NYC REGULATIONS REQUIRE PROOF OF COVID VACCINATION FOR ALL AUDIENCE (AND STAFF). You can show us your vaccine card, or a photo of card, or use a vaccine passport app. Thanks for helping us all laugh safely 🙂

    Harrison Greenbaum performed on "Conan" in May 2018. Previously he was a semifinalist on Last Comic Standing and America's Got Talent. He won the Andy Kaufman Award (2010) for creativity and originality in comedy, the Shorty Award in collaboration with Comedy Central, the New York Comedy Festival for "Best Emerging Comic" (2011), and the Magners Comic Stand-Off (2011).

    The New York Times said Adam Strauss "mines a great deal of laughter from disabling pain" and the Chicago Tribune called him "arrestingly honest and howlingly funny." Adam won the New York Fringe Festival's Overall Excellence Award, the Eddy Award for best solo show in San Francisco, and the Leffe Beer Craft Your Character storytelling competition. He's lost too many things to mention here.

    Meghan Hanley is a national touring stand-up comic, writer and baseball blogger. She has appeared on AXSTV’s “Gotham Comedy Live,” The MSG Network, DreamsTv, as well as Fox’s “Laughs,” and “Red Eye.” 

    Vincent James is one of the most in-demand comedy hosts in the country, having emceed events featuring Magic Johnson, John Legend, and countless other luminaries.